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The Top 10 Parks to Practice Your Dog Training in Toronto

We are fortunate to have many Toronto dog parks in our area. Most are just a short drive away. I love to take my dog to the park for an off-leash walk in the ravine.

Parks are fantastic places to practice dog training. You can strengthen Fido cues by adding more distractions. There are many benefits that you can’t get at home, like:

Recall: You probably have no problem with Fido coming when called when he is inside, but outside, it’s a whole other ball game. Bringing him to a park is a great way to reinforce the recall cue. Remember always to keep him on a leash until you get 100% compliance. You do not want him to learn he can run away from you at any time.

Sit/Stay: Getting Fido to focus on you while there are other things (people, dogs, birds, squirrels) can seem impossible. Going to your backyard is a great way to start small. Work on a solid sit-stay while the kids are playing in the backyard. Gradually, you can bring this cue to the park.

Watch me: This cue is great for getting your dog to focus on you right away. You do not have time to do a sit-stay, for example. Working from your backyard, you can slowly start using the cue on your walks and in the parks.

Social Skills: Your pup can practice social skills without getting too overwhelmed. You can let him play while keeping a long leash on him so he can keep him safe.

Take my dog to the park:

Baycrest Park

This park is quieter than most parks. This is not an off-leash park but offers some great space to do training. I keep a 30-foot leash on the dogs I am training at all times. This way, I can ensure the dogs are safe and can not run away. There is no fenced-in area.

Earl Bales Park

Earl Bales has a beautiful off-leash park; it has ample space with grass, but it can get very muddy during the fall and spring. If your dog is very social and loves to play, this is a great place to bring him.

You can teach him a sit/stay BEFORE he enters the park. There is also a beautiful walking path and a lot of surrounding ravine paths. Just remember dogs must be on a leash in those areas.

Ledbury Park

A small community park that is NOT an off-leash area but provides a great space for practicing your dog training. Many local dog owners hang out here, which can be a great way to find like-minded friends!

Sherwood Park

I love this park as I get to walk around the park with my dog, off-leash. There is a river that runs beside the park, so if your dog loves water, this park is for him! Great exercise for both of us!

Don Valley Golf Course

There is a small off-leash dog park on the west side of Young Street at York Mills. It has wood chips but can be a little messy during spring and fall. Many dog walkers go here: it can be a little intimidating for your puppy, but it’s great if you have a very energetic dog.

Sunnybrook Park

This large park has plenty of room for you and your dog to play in. There is also a designated smaller area just for small dogs. A  great option, as many small dogs are very fearful of big dogs. There is also fresh water available during the warming months.

G Ross Lord Park

I love this off-leash PARK. You can walk around and not feel like you are walking in a big circle—lots of space for your dog to play. The surrounding area offers some fantastic walks through stunning forests and ravines; keep in mind your dog must be on a leash.

Cedarvale Park

This park has a great open space for you and your dog. This park is very open (no trees), so you’ll be able to keep a close eye on Fido as he plays in the park. Alternatively, if you’re okay with keeping your dog on a leash, opt to explore the rest of the ravine – it’s one of Toronto’s best!

Cherry Beach

Even though my dogs come back full of sand, it is one of our favourite places. Dexter gets to run off-leash, play in the water and in the summertime, a great place to cool off. I feel like I am up north at a cottage!

This park has its own Facebook group

High Park

This park has everything! Lots of open space for you and Fido to explore. The area offers open spaces as well as a well-manicured path, which makes it easy to walk.



Taking your dog’s training on the road is a great way to refresh all of his cues, switch up the regular walk around the block, and get to see more of your City! Win-Win

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