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 Private Dog Training Toronto

Designed to help you, your family and your dog get on the same page, I work with you to help you understand how dogs think and what the best methods are to get your dog to behave. 


My Done-With-You Dog Training services break down into three core areas:

Families with kids

Are you ready to commit to doing the very best you can do for your pooch? Do you have kids? Then this program is for you. I will visit your home with lots of useful information on how to handle kids and dogs. You will learn how to empower your children through this training. You will free yourself from “nagging” the kids to walk the dog!

Examples we might tackle together are:

  • Getting peace while cooking dinner (and keeping the dog out of the kitchen!)
  • Avoiding “door-dashing” fears when friends come over
  • Helping kiddos get to bed on time, with or without your pooch
  • Making homework a joy, without doggy distractions

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Young executives

You have always wanted a dog, and now you have one. Congratulations! Now you’re struggling to find the time to get your puppy or adult dog started off on the right foot… Then my simple six-step program for young executives is for you! Learn simple strategies and ways to save time and headaches while building your relationship with your dog for a lifetime.

Examples we might tackle together are:

  • Learn the one cue that will keep your dog by your side and out of trouble
  • Answering the door when guest knocks without all the crazies
  • Keeping your dog well-mannered when new people come over
  • The start of a rock-solid recall – every dog should know this

Learn more about my Simple Six-Step Dog Obedience Training Program for Young Executives or

Problem-busting behaviour help

Whether your dog is new to your home or is a long-term family member, you’re wringing your hands every time X occurs. You need help, but not sure what you should do. I am here to help!

Examples we might tackle together are:

  • Problem barking
  • Leash-lunging
  • Door-dashing/door manners
  • Reactivity on the leash
  • Recall
  • Anxiety/fearful dogs
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate training
  • Resource guarding (guarding toys/food/etc.)
  • Barking

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Done-For-YouIn-Home Toronto Dog Training

Do you have a new puppy or dog that needs better manners? Do you struggle with finding the time to practice training and instilling better behaviour? Our Done-For-You Dog Training program might be perfect for you! 


Done-For-You Dog Training is for you if you find yourself with no time to train. You know you want the best for your dog but do not know how! You realize that you are not good at this “training stuff,” and the thought of starting from scratch feels overwhelming.

Done-For-You Dog Training is a method of training where I train your dog in your home. You do not need to be there. (You can observe it if you like.) This works to help your dog catch on and catch up with specific behaviours we decide your dog needs to know, without all the trial and error and time on your part.

Your dog learns the basics or gets over the hump with the behaviour challenges you’re confronting. Then I show you how to keep the cues consistent so you can maintain your dog’s great behaviour for the long-haul.

Sessions are custom made – I listen to your concerns, wants and needs for your dog, then I design a tailored-made program just for your dog.

 Done-For-You Toronto Dog Training works well for:

  1. Most behaviour issues
  2. General obedience
  3. Puppy training

 Done-For-You Toronto Dog Training requires:

  1. 3-5 sessions per week with the dog with 1 follow up session a month later
  2. Weekly 1:1s with you to demonstrate progress and practice cues to help you and your dog speak the same language

Done-For-You Toronto Dog Training can take place:

  • In your home (Toronto, North York, York, North Toronto)
  • At a local park (such as Sherwood Park, Baycrest Park, Old Orchard Park or Lawrence Park or similar)
  • In your neighbourhood

Get ready for the best dog experience!


We work with people who want their dog’s relationship from good to great. We create a safe, non-judgmental space for our students to learn about the power of clear communication and choice.