Day Training Behavioural

You need help! I’ve got you! You love your pooch and want the best for him. You’re just not sure what to do. I am here with a pair of fresh eyes and hands to help you through these exhausting and maybe even scary times. Let me do the work for you.

This program includes

What we do: 8 one-hour lessons. No need to be there for most! Customized to your dog’s behavioural issues

What your dog will learn: No Jumping, no Door-dashing, no Reactivity on the leash, walking nicely on the leash, recall, no resource guarding (guarding toys/food/etc.) to name a few

When do we do it: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday (Follow up day) for two weeks, (8 Sessions in total). Follow up day is with you, the trainer and your dog

Where do we do it: In your home


Desired outcome: Give you peace of mind and your dog the confidence to stop challenging behaviour

Investment $960.00 plus HST 

WARNING: May cause your dog to wait to hear about your day!