Exclusive In-Home Puppy Training: A Convenient Solution for Busy Pet Parents”

For busy families with kids, we’ve got your back! Tackling the challenges of a puppy can be overwhelming—especially when it comes to sleep routines, potty training, and nipping behaviours. 

Crate & Potty Training

Our program not only helps your pup sleep through the night but also provides essential guidance on potty training, especially puppy barking in the crate. Plus, we teach your kids how to interact and play safely with their furry friend. Let us make puppy parenthood easier for your family!”

What we do

Experience six private, one-hour, in-home sessions featuring step-by-step techniques tailored to your family. We break it down into kid-friendly methods, making sure your children can easily grasp and participate in training.

6 weeks-program

When we do it

Our services are thoughtfully customized on a weekly basis to perfectly align with your unique schedule, ensuring convenience and flexibility. We understand the demands of your busy life, so we tailor our sessions to match your availability and make training fit seamlessly into your routine.

What you will learn

Discover the essential six foundational skills every parent needs to stay on-track while also incorporating engaging kid-friendly activities into the learning process. Equip yourself with these techniques for a well-rounded and enjoyable parenting experience.

Where do we do it

We conduct these sessions in the comfort of your own home.

How we do it

An interactive and enjoyable approach that employs games to captivate children and educate the entire family in the art of ‘speaking dog’

What’s in it for the kids

An enjoyable experience that educates children on living happily and safely alongside their canine companions.

Desired outcome

Happy, harmonious family dynamics where children and dogs coexist peacefully, fostering love and understanding among all family members.