My Path to Becoming a Dog Trainer

I really love dogs. In this business, everyone should love dogs. But for me, dogs are everything!

As a young girl, my parents let me have all kinds of pets – birds, hamsters, cats – I loved them all. But it was our family dog that stole my heart.

Years later, as a young adult, I got a Bouvier Des Flandres named “Bear.” Bear taught me about patience, discipline, and how a treat could make a bad day better!

Back then, dog training was all about being the boss. But Bear and I were both sensitive, so that approach didn’t work for us.

A Shift to Reward-Based Training

Embracing Reward-Based Training for Your New Puppy

Discovering the magic of reward-based training transformed my journey as a puppy parent. It’s a game-changer, trust me! With this approach, I watched my furry friend become a well-behaved, tail-wagging bundle of joy. And the best part? I even brought my beloved 120-pound pup, Bear (yes, that’s right!), to my workplace – a remarkable feat, especially considering this was way before it became a trendy thing to do with dogs! So, let’s dive into the world of positive reinforcement and make training your new puppy an exciting adventure! 🐾


 My Journey in the Dog World

Years later, I had a family of my own. I jumped into the dog world professionally by starting a dog walking and boarding business. This job allowed me to meet many different dogs with various behaviors, but a few things always stayed the same:

No matter the dog, I found that using rewards made my days with them easier.

The pet parents I worked with faced similar challenges. They struggled to find time and consistency to train their dogs, especially with busy daily lives and sometimes kids running around.

Then, I met Client X. She had just welcomed a new puppy into her life, and she already had an older dog and three teenagers to deal with! This puppy was causing chaos. Client X had recently gone through a divorce and thought a puppy would help, but she wasn’t prepared for the craziness.

I decided to expand my services to assist her. We worked together to teach the puppy good manners and behaviors, making him a balanced and happy part of their family. I’m excited to say that he still is today! Client X was overjoyed to have her life back on track.



My Simple Six-Step Puppy Training Plan

Dealing with clients like Client X inspired me to create my Six-Step Program. Most pet owners face challenges when it comes to finding time and handling all the training needed for their dogs. After lots of trying things out (and working with tons of dogs!), I figured out a way to make it easier for pet parents. It was so fulfilling that I sold my dog-walking and boarding business to focus on this full-time. By following my straightforward Six-Step Program, you’ll achieve what you want – a well-behaved pup. Let’s get started! 🐶🎓



Puppy Training

How It All Works:

I assist my clients by helping you see things from your dog’s perspective – imagine stepping into their paws!

The six-step program is goal-oriented and provides clear takeaways and simple next steps that make it easy for you to achieve success.

We work together using positive reinforcement techniques that both you and your dog will enjoy. It’s all about helping you and your furry friend communicate effectively.

By the end of it all, you won’t just have a well-behaved pup. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of what motivates your unique dog, what makes them happy, and what frightens them. This way, you can all live your best lives together! 🐾🌟





    Are you prepared to take the step toward a life filled with mutual happiness and tranquility, both for yourself and your cherished dog? Enroll with us to experience a harmonious and fear-free partnership.