Dog Training in North York

I love dogs. Okay anyone in this business loves dogs (or should!) – but I have to say I live and breathe dogs!

When I was a young girl, I was fortunate to have parents that allowed me to own pets. I had them all- big and small- birds, hamsters, cats … I loved and connected with them all, but it was the family dog that captured my heart.

Years later, as a young single adult, I enriched my life with “Bear” a Bouvier Des Flandres. He taught me about patience, discipline, continuity, and how a “treat” could change even the worst day!

Back then, the only training techniques used were dominant-based and to be the “alpha.” My dog Bear was very sensitive, and so was I, so the current method simply didn’t work for us.

A Shift to Reward-Based Training

I learned that reward-based obedience dog training was the best way to communicate with my dog.  Using this technique, I soon had a dog that was well-mannered and happy. I was even able to take him to my workplace  – a significant accomplishment considering he was a big dark-coloured 120-pound dog named… Bear! This was way before taking dogs to work was a “thing!”


 Professional Life, With Dogs

Years later, with kids and a family of my own, I took the leap into the professional dog world. I started a dog walking and boarding business, which allowed me to work with many different dogs and different behaviours. But a few things remained consistent:

  1. No matter the dog, I found the reward-based methods to be effective in making my day with these dogs easier. 
  2. The pet parents I got to work with all had similar struggles, where time, daily life and (often) kids made it difficult to provide the consistency and training these dogs needed to be the best canine citizens they could be.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting Client X. She had just gotten a puppy and already had an older dog (and three teenaged kids!). This puppy was turning their lives upside down. The client was recently divorced and thought adding a puppy would ease the pain. She was not prepared for such chaos! 

I expanded my services to help her. We worked together to instill the proper behaviours and manners the puppy needed to be balanced and happy in their home. I’m thrilled to report he still is to this day! She was so thankful to have her life back again. 

My Exclusive Six-Step Training Program

It’s through working with clients like Client X that I developed my Six-Step Program. Most pet parents struggle with not having enough time and feeling overwhelmed by the training necessary to help their dogs do well.  Through a lot of trial and error (and a lot of dogs!) I made this more manageable for pet parents to handle. I found it so rewarding to do so that I even sold my dog-walking and boarding business and moved to provide this program full-time. Following my easy, Six-Step Program will get you the results you want – a well-mannered dog.


How it Works:

  • I help my clients by teaching you how to put yourself in your dogs’ (paws) shoes, so to speak!
  • The six-step program is goal-based with concrete takeaways and next steps to help things remain clear and feel easy to achieve.
  •  We work together using positive reinforcement techniques, which you, your dog and I will all enjoy while we help you and your dog speak the same language.
  • In the end, you’ll not only have a well-manned dog, but also a better understanding of what truly motivates your individual dog, what scares them, and what makes them happy so you can all live your best life together.



Are you ready to give yourself and your dog the gift of living together fear-free and happily?