Puppy Training for the Young Executive

Time and know-how are your biggest challenges. Your new puppy is a bundle of energy and you need help instilling the life-long manners to set you both up for years of happiness. With this program, you will get:

What we do

6 private in-home sessions, with step-by-step methods, that are easy to learn and do

When we do it

Weekly — customized to your busy schedule

What you will learn

  1. What, exactly, to spend time on to help your pup grow into a well-mannered dog
  2. How to find and create the support systems you’ll need for long-term puppy parenthood

Where do we do it

In the comfort of your home

Desired outcome

A well-mannered pup and a happy pup parent

*Plus weekly homework with online handouts

———-WARNING: This can be much more fun than you think!———-