Virtual Training

Healthy Houndz Has Gone VirtualYour In-Home Training Solutions Are Just One Click Away!

You can stay safe in the comfort of your home and still get the much-needed training done!


Behaviour Consultation

Whether your dog is new to your home or is a long-term family member, you’re wringing your hands every time X occurs. You need help, but not sure what you should do. I am here to help!
I help you with behavioural issues such as:

  • lunging and barking on leash towards dogs or people,
  • fearful behaviour
  • resource guarding
  • anxiety,
  • door manners
  • jumping

Puppy Training

Do you want to be an amazing pet parent? You can, in only six sessions!

6 sessions: 45-minute sessions with step-by-step methods, that are easy to learn and do

Weekly — customized to your busy schedule

6 foundational skills that every pet parent needs to know to stay on-track

Desired outcome: A well-mannered pup and a happy pup parent

*Plus weekly homework with online handouts

Zoom Mini Sessions

Puppy not sleeping through the night? Having trouble getting your dog to like his crate? Is your pup a biting machine? Not sure where to start with a newly adopted dog? Just have a training question that you need to be answered quickly?