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At Healthy Houndz Dog Training in North York, I’ve dedicated my life to helping you achieve just that. Whether you choose private dog training in your area, day training, or behavioural issues training, my goal is to assist you in attaining the relationship and behaviours you desire with your beloved canine companion. Your dog’s transformation is my passion.

At Healthy Houndz Premier Dog Trainer, we are dedicated to transforming your canine companion. Using positive reinforcement techniques, we work hand in paw with you and your pup to ensure an enjoyable educational journey. Our shared goal is to enhance communication and nurture a deeper connection between you and your furry friend.

Tailored Training Just for You: Our private 1-on-1 sessions bring the expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your dog’s success from the tender age of 8 weeks to adulthood. Your journey to a well-trained companion begins at home!

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Done for you" Behavioral training

"Done for you" Behavioral Training

Done for you" Behavioral training


Our goal is to help you make your dog’s relationship exceptional. We provide a welcoming, judgment-free space for you to discover the power of clear communication and thoughtful choices.

A Shift to Reward-Based Training

I discovered the effectiveness of reward-based dog training as a powerful way to communicate with my pup. With this approach, I quickly transformed my dog into a well-behaved and joyful companion. I even had the pleasure of bringing him to my workplace, long before it became a popular trend.

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You have always wanted a dog, and now you have one. Congratulations! Now you’re struggling to find the time to get your puppy or adult dog started off on the right foot… Then my simple six-step program for young executives is for you! Learn simple strategies and ways to save time and headaches while building your relationship with your dog for a lifetime.

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What other people say about us

Out of 5 Stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

Vicky Lui L - November 12, 2019

Very good, my puppy improved a lot for his poo and pee habits. And he learned several simple commands in just 10 days training

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cheryl S - April 11, 2019

Very helpful. Karen was kind and patient (with the dog and us) and understood what our dog was trying to tell us. She was very professional.

5 out of 5 stars

Janice P - March 20, 2019

We would definitely recommend Healthy Houndz training service. Karen's approach to puppy training is very effective. She went out of her way to teach us very useful skills to train our pup. Thank you for the excellent service.