How to Make Your Puppy Love Their Crate

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How to Make Your Puppy Love Their Crate

Not all dogs instantly embrace the idea of a crate, but with a little patience and a lot of love, you can teach your furry friend to adore their Zen Den. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to make the crate a happy place for your puppy. The more your pup loves it, the more beneficial it will be for both of you.

Section 1: Why Use a Crate

Crate Training for Peaceful Coexistence: A crate is a powerful tool for managing your dog’s behaviour. Whether you need to help your kids with homework while Fido playfully nips and bites or you’re working on potty training, a crate can provide the peace you seek. Let’s get started!

Section 2: Make It an Enjoyable Space

Meals in the Crate: One way to help your dog associate the crate with positivity is by feeding them their meals inside it. Crate equals food equals a happy place.
Reward with Treats: Encourage your dog to enter the crate willingly by tossing in treats, even if it’s just for a moment.
Add a Touch of Luxury: For housetrained dogs, place a comfy crate pad inside for them to enjoy a cozy nap.
Surprise Treats: Keep the crate door open when your dog is not around, and hide treats inside occasionally. Your pup will think the crate is a treasure trove of goodies.
Reverse Psychology: Make your dog anticipate going into the crate by having them watch you put a stuffed kong inside, but only let them in when they’re eager to enjoy the treat.
Exclusive Chew Time: Reserve your dog’s favourite chew or food items, like marrow bones, bully sticks, or stuffed Kongs, for use only inside the crate. Make it the designated spot for their best goodies.
Calm Atmosphere: When you leave the house, leave a great chew toy in the crate and consider playing classical music or soothing talk radio to help your dog relax.

Section 3: Recipe for Success (Reverse Psychology)

You’ll need:

  1. Show your dog a hot dog and put it inside the Kong without letting them have it just yet.
  2. Add some cream cheese and a bit of peanut butter.
  3. Stuff assorted treats inside.
  4. Top it off with more peanut butter.
  5. Do this with your dog watching, just inches away from their nose.

Toss the Kong into the crate while your dog watches. Here’s the crucial part:

Close the crate door without letting your dog inside yet. Allow them to be eager to grab the Kong. Wait a few seconds, then tell your dog, “In the crate.” Open the door, and let your dog take the Kong without closing it.

Note: Do not close the crate door during this step.

After repeating this process a few times, attach a piece of string to the Kong and secure it inside the crate so your dog can’t take it out. They’ll need to stay inside to enjoy the tasty Kong.

Training Tips:

  • The first time you close the door, don’t latch it.
  • If your dog paws at it, open it.
  • Gradually increase the duration with the door closed.
  • Start feeding all meals inside the crate once your dog is comfortable.


With your dog crate-trained, you can now use it when you need to focus on tasks or when you can’t supervise their behaviour closely. The crate is your dog’s cozy retreat, a safe space to enjoy and relax in.

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