Behavioural Training

Whether your dog is new to your home or is a long-term family member, you’re wringing your hands every time X occurs. You need help, but not sure what you should do. I am here to help! By taking my 4 one-hour sessions I can usually “fix” most problems.

Common challenges:

Jumping, door-dashing/door manners, reactivity on the leash, recall, anxiety/fearful dogs, housebreaking, crate training, and resource guarding (guarding toys/food/etc.) 

What we do: 4 private in-home sessions, 

When we do it: Weekly — customized to your busy schedule

What you will learn: You will understand why your dog is doing the behaviour and how to help him

Where do we do it: In the comfort of your home

How we do it: Through positive training methods

 Desired outcome: Give you peace of mind and your dog the confidence to stop challenging behaviour

Investment: $480.00 plus HST 


WARNING: This may produce your own “Best in Show” dog!