Training with Kids

You thought adding a puppy to your family would be fun! And it can be. You just need some help restoring a sense of balance and teaching your children how to help your puppy grow into a great dog. I am here to help!

What we do: 6 private in-home sessions, with step-by-step methods, broken down in ways your children can understand 

When we do it: Weekly — customized to your busy schedule

What you will learn: 6 foundational skills that every parent needs to know to stay on-track

Where do we do it: In the comfort of your home

How we do it: A play-based, fun way that uses games to engage kids and teach the whole family how  to “speak dog”

What’s in it for the kids: A fun video program to watch for one year that teaches kids how to live happily and safely with their dog

Online access to your custom training program, with weekly homework for you and your children to do together 

Desired outcome: A well-mannered pup, happy and safe children and a calm household for all to enjoy

Investment: $600.00 plus HST 

WARNING: The kids may actually want to walk the dog!