Therapy Dog training

You have the perfect dog (Ok, all of us think we have the perfect dog). This dog loves to help and seems to have that sixth sense of knowing you need it. Your dog is eager to please and is well-mannered around people and other dogs. You want to be part of something that brings joy to others as well as to you and your dog.

Puppy Training

What we do

6 one-hour private sessions

What your dog will learn

Down on command, Stay in place, Leave it, How to take a treat, Come when called, How to react to a neutral dog, Overall handling, Exuberant and clumsy petting, Pass between three strangers

When we do it

Weekly — customized to your busy schedule

Where do we do it

Private in-home sessions as well as outside locations

Desired outcome

I work with you and your dog in different places to make sure you are both a good fit and well prepared and confident for the program

$750.00 plus HST

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———-WARNING: May cause you to experience a sense of euphoria!———-