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Professional Dog walker and More!

Healthy Houndz is run by Karen Cohen, a dedicated animal lover and Professional Dog Trainer. Based in Toronto, Karen lives with her husband, three sons and her much loved Bouvier, Dexter.

Karen’s affinity with animals began at a young age, resulting to her being likened to the character Elly May from the Beverley Hillbillies due to her special bond with them. As her husband likes to say , “Karen can feed nuts to the squirrels”.

Over the years, Karen’s knowledge of dogs has increased due to her hands on approach to both training and handling. By working with countless dogs over the years, she has developed an innate ability to truly understand their personalities and individual needs.

As an owner, Karen also understands just how important it is to find someone who will take care of your pet as if it is their own. Trust is paramount and therefore she aims to ensure that every dog gets the individual care and attention it needs. Indeed her main aim is to create a place where she would be happy to send her own dog. She only uses positive reinforcement. Reward based training has been proven to be the best method of training to ensure a happy balance dog. Karen’s commitment to your dog’s health and well being has also led to her becoming certified in Pet first aid, CPR Certified and being fully insured and bonded