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Are you a new puppy owner and not sure what to do? 

Do you own a dog and are worried about training.?

No need to worry!! We have the perfect solution. 

Private training for dogs, helping busy professionals and families.  We train both puppies and adult dogs, but keep in mind that adult dogs are harder to train. Puppy obedience training is in abundance these days and choosing the right facility is very important to getting them off on the right start. A member of our experienced team of trainers will teach your puppy basic dog training like how to sit and stand. These services can be provided through private training, day training, or board and train. Private training involves coaching the dog parent and it takes place in your home.   Day training also takes place in your home, but instead, the trainer works exclusively with the dog.  Board and train in our home is also a great choice.

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Excessive barking is one of the most common reasons why people need additional training for their dogs. There are dogs that bark randomly on walks or even when home.  A professional can help with this problem and teach them to be calm and well mannered.

Training keeps dogs active, improves their mental stimulation, and helps them be active throughout the day.  Healthy Houndz uses positive reinforcement with your beloved pets.  As it is far easier to train puppies, we always suggest that you do not wait.

Healthy Houndz offers day training and private training (coaching), as mentioned above. Our centre for dog training Toronto also offers board and train. This option provides the opportunity for acclimating your dog to a different atmosphere, helping them behave better in different places and with different people.


If you are taking on a new puppy, effective early training is vital. Puppies are like small children and it is important that they learn essential life skills at this age.  Clients learn how to read their puppies body language and signals, helping the training process in the long-term. Bad behaviours are easier to avoid that they are to break! So, catching them before they form is our goal.



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