Help, My Puppy Chews On EVERYTHING!

When you have a new puppy, you’ll soon realize that nothing is safe from those tiny piranha teeth. Your puppy chews on everything to relieve sore, teething gums, to explore the world around them, and to relieve boredom. It can take months for them to learn to distinguish between toys and your … [Read more...]

Car Anxiety In Dogs: Help Your Dog Love Going For Rides

For a dog with car anxiety, a car must seem like an incredible rocket ship hurtling through time and space. In just a few minutes, they could end up at the vet’s office, at the pet store, at Grandma’s house, or at the park.  Perhaps that’s why a car ride turns your dog into a shaking, drooling, … [Read more...]

8 Reasons To Always Bring Treats On Walks

Are you ready to walk your dog? Let’s make sure you have everything you need. Leash? Check. Collar? Check. Poop bags? Check. But what about treats? When you bring treats on walks, you’ll see big changes in your dog’s manners when you’re out. Training issues become much easier to deal with, … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re At Work

Today’s dogs are, by and large, unemployed.  Without ducks to hunt, sheep to herd, and rats to chase, many dogs have resorted to finding inventive ways to keep busy while their families are not home, including destructive tasks like barking until the neighbors complain, chewing up furniture, … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Dog To Poop Outside In The Winter

Summer poops were easy poops. The sun was shining and your dog and you spent loads of time outside, so you didn’t have to worry about accidents in the house.  But now that the seasons have changed and your dog and you aren’t outside as much. It’s freezing out and you don’t blame your dog for … [Read more...]

How To Earn Your Dog’s Trust

Earning your dog’s trust is the first step to a wonderful, lifelong relationship of love, learning and fun. Whether you’re trying to get your newly adopted dog to warm up to you, getting to know your friend’s dog, or just want to be a pal to every dog you meet, follow these steps to earn ANY dog’s … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Dog To “Leave It”

“Leave it” is a powerful skill that can potentially save your dog’s life.  Litter, baited meat, and pesticides can all lurk along your walk, and if your dog is not trained to keep their nose out of “street food”,  it may take just one bite to cause serious harm.  Use A Muzzle To Curb Trash … [Read more...]

Lightning-Fast Recall: How To Get Your Dog To Reliably Come When Called

Picture this: you call your dog just one time, and they come blazing towards you like a rocket. No hesitation, no sniffing, no calling out their name over and over. Just a dog who listens.  Training your dog to come when called quickly and reliably is useful if you want to be able to trust … [Read more...]

Are Dogs Colourblind? See Through Your Dog’s Eyes For Better Training

If you could see the world through your dog’s eyes, what would you see? Are dogs really colourblind? You might be surprised to find that your dog’s vision is better than you expected. Even so, dogs cannot see as well as humans. Learn about your dog’s vision to improve the way you use visual cues to … [Read more...]

The Hidden Dangers Of Retractable Dog Leads

Dogs naturally walk faster than us, so you may feel like you’re hindering your dog’s freedom when walking with a standard 6 foot/1.8m lead.  Many dog owners turn to retractable dog leads as a way to give their dogs more leeway.  These devices however, can actually encourage unwanted … [Read more...]