The Hidden Dangers Of Retractable Dog Leads

Dogs naturally walk faster than us, so you may feel like you’re hindering your dog’s freedom when walking with a standard 6 foot/1.8m lead.  Many dog owners turn to retractable dog leads as a way to give their dogs more leeway.  These devices however, can actually encourage unwanted … [Read more...]

Online Dog Training Classes… Do They Really Work?

Are you thinking of taking online dog training classes, but aren’t sure if they’ll work for you? While not all courses are the same, you and your dog can learn a lot from home by following an online curriculum that can easily fit into your schedule, and at your own pace.  Without leaving home, … [Read more...]

How To Help Your Dog Adjust To Your New Baby

A new baby is fun, exciting, and stressful all at once, especially for the family dog.  Sadly, the addition of a new baby is a common reason for families to give their dogs up for adoption.  Some dogs may pose a biting risk, while others may constantly get into the baby’s things. Some families … [Read more...]

How To Help Your Dog Stay Calm At The Vet’s Office

Does your dog get nervous at the vet’s office?  It doesn’t have to be that way. You can teach your dog to feel comfortable around your vet and even look forward to visits.  Learn how to help your dog stay calm at the vet’s office, behave calmly in the waiting room, and find the best Fear-Free … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Hiking Trails In Toronto

Autumn is the perfect time of year to hike with your dog, with brisk weather to keep your dog from overheating. Plus the changing leaves make a gorgeous backdrop for photos.  Though many hiking trails allow dogs, some are more dog-friendly than others, with off-leash hiking trails and fenced-in … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores You

Is your dog stubborn? Does your dog ignore you, even though they know what you’re telling them to do? It may seem that way, but there’s always an underlying reason.  Dogs don’t purposefully disobey us to spite us. As they’re unconditionally loving even when we step on their tail or serve … [Read more...]

What If My Dog Isn’t Food Motivated?

Using food as a reward is a huge part of positive reinforcement dog training. But what if your dog isn't food motivated? Often dogs that don’t seem to care about treats just need a little extra help. You can learn how to use food in a way that excites them and gets their attention.  Positive … [Read more...]

Resource Guarding In Dogs – What To Do If Your Dog Gets Aggressive Over Food

Your dog’s almost finished with their bone, leaving a small piece that they might choke on. You go to confiscate it, only for your dog to growl and stare up at you like they’re ready to attack. It feels awful to hear your own dog growl at you. You might feel concerned, scared, or even … [Read more...]

7 Memories To Make With Your Dog

It’s amazing how much of an impact our dogs have on us during their short time here on earth.  To make the most of it, try making these seven memories with your dog. These are some of the most powerful ways you can cherish your dog, and make memories that you’ll have long after they’ve … [Read more...]

OCD In Dogs: What You Should Know

Did you know that dogs can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? Though we cannot truly understand the thought patterns behind a dog’s behaviours, and whether or not they’re propelled by compulsive thoughts, many dogs show similar signs as those seen in people. What Does OCD In Dogs … [Read more...]