7 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores You

Is your dog stubborn? Does your dog ignore you, even though they know what you’re telling them to do? It may seem that way, but there’s always an underlying reason.  Dogs don’t purposefully disobey us to spite us. As they’re unconditionally loving even when we step on their tail or serve … [Read more...]

What If My Dog Isn’t Food Motivated?

Using food as a reward is a huge part of positive reinforcement dog training. But what if your dog isn't food motivated? Often dogs that don’t seem to care about treats just need a little extra help. You can learn how to use food in a way that excites them and gets their attention.  Positive … [Read more...]

Resource Guarding In Dogs – What To Do If Your Dog Gets Aggressive Over Food

Your dog’s almost finished with their bone, leaving a small piece that they might choke on. You go to confiscate it, only for your dog to growl and stare up at you like they’re ready to attack. It feels awful to hear your own dog growl at you. You might feel concerned, scared, or even … [Read more...]

7 Memories To Make With Your Dog

It’s amazing how much of an impact our dogs have on us during their short time here on earth.  To make the most of it, try making these seven memories with your dog. These are some of the most powerful ways you can cherish your dog, and make memories that you’ll have long after they’ve … [Read more...]

OCD In Dogs: What You Should Know

Did you know that dogs can suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? Though we cannot truly understand the thought patterns behind a dog’s behaviours, and whether or not they’re propelled by compulsive thoughts, many dogs show similar signs as those seen in people. What Does OCD In Dogs … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Dog Basic Sign Language

Does your dog rush to the door when they notice you putting your shoes on? Do they always seem to know when you’re happy, and rush to your side when you’re upset? Your dog is always paying attention to your body language, maybe more than you even realize.  Understanding hand signs and … [Read more...]

What To Do When Your Dog Hates Your Spouse

You adopted your dog to be the heart of your family...  But what happens when they don’t seem to love everyone? It’s not unusual for dogs to have favourite humans. But it can put a big strain on your relationship if it feels like your dog hates your spouse or someone else in your … [Read more...]

Common Behavioural Changes In Senior Dogs – And How To Deal With Them

Has your once-trained senior dog been having lapses in behaviour? It’s incredibly common for older dogs to seem like they’ve forgotten skills they learned early in life.  Most behavioural changes in senior dogs can be chalked up to a medical or cognitive issue.  Here’s what you need to know … [Read more...]

Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

For some people, wet, sloppy kisses is the best part of having a dog. For others… not so much Whether or not you let your dog lick your face is a  personal preference. Here are some things you need to know if you’re unsure if you should allow this habit to continue. Why Your Dog Licks … [Read more...]

Should I Let Strangers Pet My Dog?

Does your adorable dog make everyone stop and stare?  Are people always asking to pet your dog - or even  taking it upon themselves to reach down without asking? Even grown adults sometimes forget their manners when they see a cute dog. If your dog is friendly, that might be … [Read more...]