When Can I Stop Using Treats To Train My Dog?

Whenever you have a pocket full of treats, your dog is on their best behaviour. They listen to every cue, and they don’t even blink when a squirrel crosses your path. As soon as you run out of the goods, though, they’re back to completely ignoring you. Wondering when you can finally stop using … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Barking Or “Quiet”

The ability to bark is one of the many things that make our modern dogs unique.  Wolves and other wild canines rarely bark, but dogs developed this distinct call as they evolved alongside humans. Barking allows them to alert us to danger, get our attention, and communicate that they’re … [Read more...]

Littermate Syndrome – Why It’s Tough To Raise Two Puppies From The Same Litter

When you visit a litter of puppies you might find it hard to imagine separating your new pup from their siblings. As cute as they may be, two puppies are not necessarily better than one, and adopting multiple puppies from the same litter has been linked to long term behavioural issues. Here’s … [Read more...]

Chihuahua Training Tips – Fighting Small Dog Syndrome

Chihuahuas are highly intelligent, quick on their feet and the perfect size for snuggling in your lap. But these tiny dogs can have big behaviour issues. Fortunately, not every Chihuahua is doomed to be a yapping, biting mess. Raise a loving, well-behaved dog who’s fun to be around with these … [Read more...]

Tips For Training An Adult Dog

Adopting an adult dog is a wonderful choice. Most adult dogs have long grown out of constant chewing, nipping, and teething, and they’re usually easier to house-train. Adopting an adult can be the fast track to raising a reliable companion with good manners. There are some unique challenges … [Read more...]

My Dog Growls At My Kids… What Should I Do?

When your dog growls at one of your kids, it’s natural for your protective instincts to kick in. Nobody wants to have to choose between their dog and their human children. In some cases, you may have to rehome your dog to keep your kids safe. However, growling is not necessarily a sign that your … [Read more...]

On And Off Leash Training For Hounds

When you take your hound out for a walk, is it as though you suddenly don’t exist? Is it impossible to get their attention when a fun smell wafts past that sensitive sniffer?  Hounds are notorious for being “stubborn”.  The truth is, they can be wonderfully focused once you learn to … [Read more...]

How To Introduce Your Kids To The New Dog

Kids and dogs are natural best friends - for the most part.  By setting boundaries early on, you can teach your kids to respect your dog, avoid earth-shattering bite injuries, and give your dog the best chance of fitting into your household.  Using these tips to introduce your kids … [Read more...]

What’s The Best Dog Training Equipment? Don’t Leave Home Without These Amazing Tools

Ready to level up your dog’s training? Make sure you have the right gear. Here’s the best dog training equipment recommended by professional dog trainers and behaviourists to help you and your dog master recall, loose leash walking, and other vital skills.  Best Dog Training Equipment To … [Read more...]

Do Dogs Feel Guilt When They’ve Done Something Wrong?

You come home and instead of the usual waggy greeting, you discover a downcast dog and a whirlwind of couch cushion fluff all over the floor.  It seems like your dog knows they’ve done something wrong, so you might be wondering if dogs feel guilt. After all, your dog knows that you get upset when … [Read more...]