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Your dog needs regular training sessions with you to keep their mind sharp and to continuously strengthen your bond. Whether they’re a young pup learning the fundamentals or an older dog who already knows the basics, continuous education is a must. But what if you’re too busy to train your dog?

As it turns out, you don’t need to devote hours a day to training your dog. You do not even need to keep a strict schedule. As long as your dog gets plenty of opportunities to learn regularly, you can work towards your training goals.

Did You Know: Dogs Learn Better WITHOUT Daily Lessons?

In 2011, researchers conducted a study to see if dogs learn better with more frequent training sessions. The results were surprising.

Forty-four Beagles were separated into four training groups. Half of the groups were trained 1-2 times per week, and the other half were trained daily. Some would have one training session per day, while others had three training sessions whenever they were trained.

Dogs trained just 1-2 times per week with one short training session per day picked up skills quicker than dogs trained daily and were trained three sessions in a row.

Dogs in all groups were found to have similar retention. It won’t be to their detriment if you can train your dog daily. Aim to work on skills daily throughout your everyday life. For example, ask your dog to sit and wait before meals and before you let them outside. Then, try for at least one training session per week in which you teach a new skill or review an already learned one.

How To Fit Training Into Your Schedule

You most likely can find ten to fifteen minutes per week to train your dog, but what if it slips your mind? Please take into consideration that there are plenty of tasks that you do regularly without having to remember to do them. You do not need to remind yourself to brush your teeth before bed. You do not need to remind yourself to make breakfast in the morning. Tying a training session to a part of your existing routine can make remembering to get them done easier.

Maybe you can have a short training session with your dog after dinner some nights. Or, you might watch a TV show when it premieres each week. You can then train your dog during long, unskippable commercial breaks.

Real-World Training For When You’re Too Busy To Train Your Dog

When you take your dog for a walk, try bringing treats along. Just by having treats with you, you’ll find opportunities for your dog to earn them. You’ll notice more good behaviours, like when they listen to you instead of eating an old chicken wing or decide not to chase a cat.

There are many ways to incorporate training into your daily life. You can use part of your dog’s meals as treats and have a short training session before mealtime. You can also have your dog help you with simple tasks, like taking socks out of the dryer, finding your keys, or cleaning up their toys after they play. Depending on your dog’s skill set, they can significantly help around the house.

Dog Training That Fits Your Schedule

No time to attend puppy classes? Can’t you fit private dog training into your hectic schedule? You can set up one-on-one dog training from home, no matter where you are, with virtual dog training services from Healthy Houndz. We only use science-backed, humane techniques that you can use to communicate with your dog in a way they understand so you’ll finally see the results you’ve been hoping to achieve.

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