How To Make 2019 Your Dog’s Best Year Yet

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Ways To Improve Your Dog's Life In 2019

Here’s to another wonderful year with your canine companion! While you’re setting goals for your own health and enrichment, you’ll find that you can often set mutual resolutions that benefit you and your dog at the same time. Here are some simple ways you can make big improvements to your dog’s training, behaviour and health in just one year:

Track Your Dog’s Progress In 2019

When we don’t set goals and take notes, it’s easy to fall behind on our dog’s progress. How long has it been since you taught a fun new cue? Has your dog been struggling with leash reactivity with no success in the past year? Simply set up a new calendar on your smartphone with goals and reminders to stay on top of your dog’s care.

Add More Fresh Foods To Your Dog’s Diet

At Healthy Houndz, we recommend a raw food diet, but we realize that it is not practical or affordable for everyone. Instead, use fresh foods as treats and food toppers. Watch as your dog’s eyes light up when you offer bites of scrambled eggs instead of bland biscuits for their training rewards.

Fresh fruit, veggies, fish, meat and eggs are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Superfoods like blueberries fight cancer, while fatty fish like salmon (cooked and deboned, as raw salmon can contain parasites) can prevent or help relieve symptoms of arthritis. Remember, grapes, raisins, onions and garlic are toxic to dogs.

Go On More “Do Nothing” Walks In 2019

If you already take your dog for a daily walk, you might not enjoy it as much as you once did. Circling the block and waiting for your dog to finally poop can get tiresome. Try a new route, and strive to go on an extra long adventure at least once per week. If you can, drive to a park that you do not visit often, or explore a different neighborhood. New sights and smells are a wonderful way to stimulate your dog’s mind, giving them both physical and mental exercise they need for better behaviour and overall improved well-being.

Though you cannot imagine the vivid landscape of scents your dog is experiencing, you can actually take time to de-stress with a mindful, meditative dog walk. Don’t wait until you’ve had a tough week or a bad day to treat yourself to a mindful dog walk – they are an essential part of self-care that you should set time aside for on a regular basis.

Sign Up For Something New Together In 2019

Joining a new activity has a powerful impact on your bond with your dog. Commit to an agility class, try nosework, or even register for a 5k. A new activity can be as simple as learning a new trick each month at home. That one-on-one time and ongoing commitment will help you discover what it means to team up with your dog to work towards a goal.

While dogs do not realize that they are working towards a faster time or a longer distance, they get so much joy in getting special attention from you. Do not let breed stereotypes stop you. You might be amazed at how long your Chihuahua can go on a hike, or how quickly your Shih Tzu progresses in agility. Give your dog a chance to surprise you!

You Don’t Have To Tackle This Year Alone

The biggest mistake dog owners make is putting off getting help for easily solvable problems. The longer your dog practices habits like bad leash manners, pottying in the house, and destroying your home due to separation anxiety, the harder it becomes to change them.

If you have a new puppy, start positive training from the very start. It’s never too early to start learning! Potty training camp from Healthy Houndz sets your puppy up for success. You’ll save so much time and energy when you work with us.

Call 647-749-8731 or contact Healthy Houndz to set up your dog training consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!