Where To Adopt A Dog In Toronto, Ontario

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Where To Adopt A Dog In Toronto Ontario

Are you making room in your home to adopt a new, four-legged family member? There are hundreds of dogs available locally that can’t wait to earn a spot on your couch. Use these resources to find the dog of your dreams:

Avoid Adopting Or Buying From Classifieds Ads

There’s no shortage of adoptable dogs on Kijiji and Facebook local sales groups. Some users are regular dog owners who need to rehome their dog because they are moving, having a new baby, or otherwise cannot care for their dog anymore. Many others are backyard breeders that sell puppies for a profit. Occasionally, you may see listings from a local shelter.

When you adopt a dog from an ad, the seller may lie about the dog’s health or breed, or may have kept them in unsafe, unhealthy conditions. Puppies are sometimes illegally sold at less than 8 weeks of age. It’s best to avoid these sites altogether because you have so many safer options.

Reputable Breeders vs Backyard Breeders

Buying a puppy from a breeder is a responsible choice, especially if you need a dog with specific characteristics, like a hypoallergenic single coat, or certain traits for sports and competitions. Good breeders use health testing and selective breeding to produce puppies with stable temperaments and few hereditary health issues.

Reputable breeders only have a few litters per year, usually specialize in just one breed, and may also participate in dog shows. Their dogs will have their registry papers, and you will not be charged additionally for them. You should be able to see the sire and dam, and check that the puppies are being raised in a clean, healthy indoor living space. They never describe their dogs as “teacup,” as this is a marketing term used by backyard breeders, not a real subset of any small dog breed. If you are looking for a breeder, the best place to find one is through the Canadian Kennel Club’s Puppy Search.

Shelters And Humane Societies In And Around Toronto, Ontario

Shelters and Humane Societies take in owner surrenders and dogs picked up by animal control. Adopting through them is cost-effective because the adoption fee typically includes vaccinations, heartworm testing and spay/neuter costs.

Toronto Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter with a wide variety of large and small dogs and puppies.

Toronto Animal Services has three locations that also provide low-cost veterinary services.

Second Chance Dogs is a program from Toronto Animal Services in which adoptable dogs with management behavioural issues are trained with positive reinforcement and prepared for suitable homes that are willing to continue providing consistent, positive-based training.

Rescues In And Around Toronto, Ontario

Rescues are organizations that take in owner surrenders, and may also pull dogs out of shelters. Some are breed-specific, so you can get a purebred dog at a low cost. Rescues have both puppies and adult dogs that will already be vetted and ready to adopt. Some do not have a central location, and consist of a network of foster homes.

Free Korean Dogs is a Toronto-based, not-for-profit organization that rescues dogs from the Korean meat trade.

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario Inc. (JRTRO) is an Ontario-based rescue group that finds new homes for Jack Russell Terriers.

Team Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based rescue group that rehabilitates and rehomes strays, abused dogs and dogs from high-kill shelters.

Big On Beagles is a Toronto-based rescue group that finds new homes for Beagles.

Coveted Canines is a network of foster homes, focusing on rescuing dogs at high risk for euthanasia.

Other Ways To Find Your Next Dog

You can ask your veterinarian if they know of any dogs that need a new home. You can also check PetFinder.com, which only lists adoptable animals from rescues and shelters. If you cannot find the right dog at a shelter, you can ask about facilitated adoptions, which is when someone keeps their dog in their own home until they can find a suitable adopter.

Build A Foundation With Healthy Houndz Training!

It’s never too early to start a training program with your new adoption. Whether you’re adopting a fresh new puppy or an experienced adult dog, working with a positive reinforcement trainer is the best way to get your bond off to a wonderful start. Ask us how you can start training your dog the day you bring them home!