What is in a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

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The Makeup Of A Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet is one that breaks away from the feeding of commercially mass-produced dog foods and, instead, takes dogs back to nature’s basics by way of feeding domestic dogs whole raw meats and bones. The benefits of feeding a raw diet are wide-spread and could just help to give your dog a whole new lease on life!

Meat Sources In A Raw Food Diet

Let’s take a look at the meat sources that are included in a raw dog food diet in order to gain a better understanding of what you can feed to your own pup.

  • Chicken
    The chicken you feed to your dog truly depends on the size of your dog. You could feed a large dog a whole raw chicken, or a smaller dog could be fed pieces of the chicken cut up into portions that his jaws can handle. It is not necessary to remove the chicken bones; your dog can also be fed necks, giblets, and even wings.
  • Beef
    Your dog can be fed ground beef, beef ribs, beef briskets, and truly any cut of beef that you can source for him.
  • Turkey
    A whole turkey might be a bit too large for your dog; however, cutting the turkey up into quarters should provide him with a decent sized meal that will satiate his appetite. As with chicken, it is not necessary to remove the turkey bones; your dog can also be fed necks, giblets and turkey wings.
  • Lamb
    Lamb roasts, ground lamb, or even lamb chops are good choices for your dog.
  • Venison
    If you, or a member of your family, is a hunter then sourcing venison for your dog will be fairly simple. Your dog will be able to eat all parts of the venison that you offer to him.
  • Rabbit
    Butcher prepared rabbit is easy to offer to your dog, whole.
  • Fish
    Feeding your dog a whole fish is a great way to ensure that he gets the essential fatty acids that he needs. You can feed him the whole thing; head, tail, scales and all. Or you can feed him fileted pieces of fish; it is entirely up to you.
  • Organ Meat
    Along with the above meat choices, you can also offer your dog organ meat. This organ meat can include hearts, livers, kidneys, and even tripe. Your butcher will be able to provide you with the organs if you cannot find them in your grocery store’s meat section.

It is not necessary to cook the meat, despite what some critics may say. Cooking the meat and the bones that it contains may, in fact, cause the bones to splinter when your dog bites them; making them a much larger health threat than if they were simply fed raw.

A few other things that you can offer to your dog include the following.

  • Eggs
    Giving your dog raw eggs, still in the shell, gives them a great source of protein and calcium.
  • Veggies & Fruit
    The choice to feed raw fruits and vegetables to your dog is a personal choice; some raw food diet proponents are firmly against it. However, feeding your dog a small mixture of raw vegetables is unlikely to have any negative affect on his health. Carrots, apples, squash, cauliflower, and broccoli are just some of the options you can offer to your dog.

Before you switch your dog to a raw food diet you should discuss it with your veterinarian in order to determine that your dog is free from allergies to some of the meat choices that you may be offering to him. Some dogs are not only allergic to grains but they have allergies to chicken and beef, also.