Training your Dog


Is your dog prone to deafness on a walk? Pulls you everywhere on the lead? Forgets their manners when visitors arrive?

Are you a new puppy owner and not sure what to do? 

We can help!

Healthy Houndz is a Toronto company dedicated to positive and practical dog training solutions for busy professionals and families. We provide private training, in home boarding and daycare. Our clients want well-behaved companions. We deliver them. We turn the client’s’ dream picture of the perfect family dog into a reality. Training methods used and taught by trainers focus on rewarding dogs and positively reinforcing desired behaviours.  Training the owners on how to train the dog, as well as help to establish clear lines of communication between the dog and the owner.  Helping clients understanding the dog’s physical, and social behaviour .

A well-behaved dog is a pleasure to own, yet it takes time and persistence to achieve this result. We are experienced dog trainers that offer the convenience of in-home, positive reinforcement, private training

If you are taking on a new puppy, effective early training is vital. Puppies are like small children and it is important that they learn essential life skills at this age.  Clients learn how to read their puppies body language and signals, helping the training process in the long-term. Bad behaviours are easier to avoid that they are to break! So, catching them before they form is our goal.

Private Training for New Puppy Owners

  • Training in your home environment. 
  • Helping you house train your pup to “do his business ” outside.
  • Helping the pup learn to love his crate.
  • Helping with common problems such as mouthing and nipping.  
  • Learning to play with other dogs in a natural, safe and supervised setting (socialization). 
  • Helping in understanding (most needed) common commands such as “sit”, “stay “,” down”,” come” and, as well, ” leave it ” and “drop it”. 

Part of our philosophy not only includes a caring trainer who only uses  positive training techniques, but also provide you with the helpful information (written) for you to continue to train your puppy and maintain success

1 hour session $120.00

Buy 4 session and receive a 15% discount $408.00

Training Older Dogs

This option is designed for the dog owner that could use a little more help with the training of their dog. The dog may need some basic training or behavioral changes.

This option includes:

  • We start with a 30-minute telephone consultation where we evaluate your dog and discuss your goals.
  • We will customize a training option and package that meets your needs.
  • We come to your home and coach you step by step on the best method to train your dog.
  • Curbing improper/unwanted behaviors such as jumping up, pulling or lunging while on the leash, barking and /or growling, rushing to and through doors, stealing food are addressed.
  • Written handouts will be provided for reference.

Pricing: 120.00 (One hour session) Buy 4 sessions and received a 15% discount: Total $408.00

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