Puppy Potty Training Camp


Our 10 Day Potty Camp

Get a potty trained dog in just 10 days! After our 10-day training camp, your puppy will learn to go potty outside and will be taught the foundations needed for understanding basic command’s such as “sit”, “stand”, “stay”, “down” and “leave it”

Your puppy will learn to respond to his name and learn proper manners and social behaviours.

Our training is done in a home NOT in a kennel. This concept will help the puppy adjust to home style living, which includes socializing with other dogs.

Habits are easier to avoid than they are to break! So catching them before they form is our goal.

Your puppy will also learn to love his crate, which means you will be able to leave your puppy at home for a period of time without worry.

Once the 10-day course is over, we will visit your home to review and demonstrate what your puppy has learned.

If you want to work with a trainer that has experience, produces amazing results, and cares about your puppy as much as you do call us today!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people connect with and understand their dog. We provide a fun, safe and successful training experience for both the puppy and the family.

“Happiness is a well behaved puppy!”

10 days $1,200.00

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