Home Dog Boarding

  • We never use kennels and dogs have access to a big clean backyard.
  • Home Dog Boarding offers peace of mind. We all look forward to going on holiday, yet leaving our dogs behind can be an anxious time. Many dogs find kennel environments stressful, after all it is far removed from what they are used to.
  • Why Kennel free?
  • A kennel environment is a noisy, strange place for your dog. Some cope so badly with this sort of environment that they stop eating or develop stress related behaviors such as pacing. For many pets, it is an overwhelming experience.
  • Home  Dog Boarding provides a fantastic alternative to kennels. Here, your pet will become part of the family while being looked after in an experienced dog handlers home. This calmer, more familiar atmosphere for your dog makes the experience far more enjoyable, they can even count it as a little holiday of their own! In addition, if they are used to the creature comforts (a sofa or bed) then they can maintain the high standards they are used to.
  • Not only this, but your dog will receive individual attention, 24 hours a day. Normal routines can be maintained and if your dog enjoys the company of others, there are other friendly dogs to play with. If your dog prefers to be an only child,  then that can be accommodated.
  • Stays can be as short as one night or as long as several weeks. Whatever the length, your dog will be treated as one of the boarders own. Attention, love and tummy rubs are all included as standard.
  • In our home boarding – 24 hour period                                           $45.00

    Peak Season – 24 hour period                                                            $60.00

    In *Area pick up $2.00 and drop off $2.00 (*Ledbury Park Area)

    Call us for a quote if you are not in our area


    Access to a beautiful big backyard, lots of fresh air and exercise…..couch privileges included!


  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Dog Boarding
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  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Dog Boarding