Dog walking

Dog Walking

If you have to go out for work, or have other commitments on your time, fitting in your dog’s daily walks can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our team of friendly, experienced dog walkers are available to take your pooch for their much needed exercise. This is no quick walk around the block, our professional service ensures that your dog receives not only companionship but also the physical exercise they crave.

What makes our service different is our ability to provide individually tailored, specialist care for your dog. We prefer to not only take into account the precise requirements of your dog, but also listen to the needs of the owner. If you would like your dog walked individually, this can be accounted for. If your dog requires more exercise for weight loss, or less due to an injury, this can also be accommodated. Our service is truly tailored, we aim to cater for all our client’s needs.

Occasional walks can be catered for in addition to more regular clients. Your dog will be collected by one of our walkers during a specific time frame window. All of our dog walkers know how to transport dogs in a safe and calm manner. Not only that, but we also know the best places to walk your dog ensuring they can be let off the leash – providing they will come back of course!

At the end of the walk your dog is returned to you tired, happy and content.

Types of Walk

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