In Home Private Training

We are experienced dog trainers that used only positive training methods. We offer the convenience of in-home private training. Our clients want well-behaved companions. We deliver them!

Daycare and Train

Our Daycare Training is a great way to have experienced trainers work on cues with your dog while you are at work or out running errands.

Day Training at your home

If you would like your puppy or dog to have a training experience while you are at work, then day training is for you! Great way to have your dog learn manners and get socialized while you are away.

10 Day Potty Camp

This option includes taking your puppy for 10 overnights in our home. This is great for the busy puppy parent!

Board and Train

In home board and train provides a fantastic alternative to your puppies training needs. Here, your pet will become part of the family while being looked after in an experienced dog trainers home. We customized your dog’s training needs

Pre-grooming Puppy Bath

Your puppy has a relaxing, gentle bath that teaches them to have a positive association with the groomer.

Who We Are & What We Do

Healthy Houndz is a Toronto based company dedicated to practical dog training solutions for busy professionals and families. We offer in home private training, day training, boarding & daycare training and a 10 day puppy potty camp.
Our clients want well-behaved companions. We deliver them.