We are experienced dog trainers that used only positive training methods. We offer the convenience of in-home private training. Our clients want well-behaved companions. We deliver them!

Day Training at your home

If you would like your puppy or dog to have a training experience while you are at work, then day training is for you! Great way to have your dog learn manners and get socialized while you are away.

Board & Train/Daycare & Train

In home board and train provides a fantastic alternative to your puppies training needs. Here, your pet will become part of the family while being looked after in an experienced dog trainers home.

10 Potty Camp

This is a training option that includes taking your puppy for 10 full overnights in our home. This is designed for the busy puppy parent (s) that just do not have the time to train on a consistent -and much needed- schedule.

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We provide top notch, loving care for your beloved dog. We know and understand dogs and run our business as if they were one of our own. Our mission is to help people connect with and understand their dog. We provide a fun, safe and successful training experience for both the puppy and the family.
“Happiness is a well behaved puppy!”
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Why Choose US?

Of course, there are many Dog Companies out there so why should you chose us?

 Here are our reasons:

  • Our trainers understand dogs; their behavior, personalities and individual, unique needs
  • Unlike some companies, we do not pool all our dogs together. Instead we consider size, temperament and energy level in addition to owners’ requirements
  • We are Professional Trainers; our team has experience working with all types of dogs
  • Your dog will receive all the exercise they need, but we also make it fun!
  • When your dog visits us for daycare, they can spend as much or as little time outdoors as they wish. Outside exercise is not restricted
  • Our services are fully insured and bonded for peace of mind
  • We are certified in PET FIRST AID and CPR
  • Your dog is treated as if it is one of our own
  • With our online booking system, securing your dog’s spot is easy and convenient

Finally, it is important to remember that this is our passion not just our job. Dogs are our life and for this reason we want to ensure they only receive the very best care while they are here. We LOVE dogs!